Paul Moody – “Letting Light In”


“Letting Light In” is a gorgeous folk track from Paul Moody, recorded in a cabin within the woods of Woodstock, NY. Quaint acoustics and tender vocals open with a melancholic poignancy: “I was king of the lonesome, but I gave up the throne, but what good is a kingdom when you rule all alone?” The lyrics grow to “letting light in,” for the first time in awhile, the glimmer of optimism and forward-thinking arriving alongside touching strings and gentle guitar additions. Twangy guitars usher in rounding the two-minute mark, converging with the strings for a country-folk feel that resounds with its beauty. “Letting Light In” is a moving success from Paul Moody.

“I decided to move from city life at the start of the pandemic and now live on a mountain with bear neighbors that often come around,” Moody says. “The move to a rural area has sparked my writing, and I don’t think this song could exist if it wasn’t for moving to the Hudson Valley.”

“This song is about shedding one’s defenses and allowing someone to truly be in your life. It takes courage to be vulnerable and open yourself to love and all the universe of feeling that accompanies.”

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