Xena Glas – “Mouth”


Body, the EP out today from Brooklyn-based artist Xena Glas, mesmerizes with its gorgeous intertwining of folk and experimental electronica. EP track “Mouth” is beautifully indicative of this sweeping aesthetic. Ruminating acoustics are joined gently by piano trickles and a slight string-laden undercurrent, as the vocals emerge initially with a wordless, ethereal quality. The vocals assume a more soaring quality as the track progresses; the lush guitar, strings, and piano intertwine amidst bird-chirping in the second half, resulting in an atmospherically blissful production.

The four other tracks on Body excel with their own unique flairs. “Just let me go,” Glas sings amidst chilling strings and synth pulsations on the EP’s self-titled track, masterfully alternating between wintry piano and electronic textural expansion. The contrast between lush intimacy and climactic involvement proves striking throughout this track and the entirety of , easily one of the most memorable releases thus far in 2022.

Stream the Body EP below:

More on the EP, below:

The Brooklyn based musician, writer, and artist often finds inspiration in causes dear to her, including mental health, autism, sexuality, and human rights. In Body she describes her own lived experience with autism. Each track portrays a different sensory experience and her unique way of viewing the world. Xena has taken on multiple roles in the creation of this EP, from designing the album artwork to directing and editing the music videos. The album was recorded and produced in her Brooklyn studio.

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