10 Great Ways To Improve Relations With Your Bandmates

Crafting a piece of music in a group of artists with different tastes and perspectives is complicated enough on its own, so of course, keeping your relationship with your bandmates positive is going to come with its share of rocky moments. 

The important thing to remember is all good art is a collaboration and is even more rewarding when you have the privilege of doing it with people you call friends. Here’s how to do your part to keep the connection between your and your bandmates alive so that you can have partners in crime for life that also happen to have great taste in music. 

View Your Bandmates As Equals

No single band member is more important than the next. You must keep this in mind as you embark on the collaborative songwriting process. Every instrument and role has its own complexities that deserve respect and to be included in the discussion of the direction of your music. 

Be Punctual And Prepared

Turning up late to practice or gigs is a surefire way to jeopardize your relationships with your bandmates. Avoid costing everyone time, and show up to events prepared and on time. Always make sure to have practiced your part of the material beforehand, and set multiple alarms if you have to to get to where you need to be on time. 

Socialize With Your Band

Bandmates don’t have to be best friends forever, but it sure helps if you put in the effort to nurture your relationships on a social level. Whether you go out for drinks or go hiking together, spending time with your bedmates strengthens your bond and will ultimately benefit your music to be in sync. 

Pull Your Weight

Help out with anything your band needs whenever possible. This can range from contributing ideas in a brainstorming session to loading gear in and out of venues. If you act like your mere presence is god’s gift from heaven, chances are you won’t be in the band’s good graces for very long. 

Check Your Ego At The Door

If you let your ego control your judgment, you’re likely not going to be able to assess situations fairly or make you feel as though your talents make up for any of your bad behavior. When you have an inflated ego, you’re going to be so preoccupied with yourself that you’ll lose sight of your band’s purpose and their needs. 

Promote Your Band

This seems like a no-brainer, but it’s crucial to your band’s success that you not only help make music but that you promote new music or gigs online and out in the real world as much as you can. Everyone involved has done so much work to get to this point; the least you can do is invite your friends to your shows. 

Make Communication A Priority

Open and honest communication is the key to any successful relationship. Be an active listener when any of your bandmates raises a concern or expresses an opinion. Ask questions when you need clarity instead of staying quiet and creating further confusion. Lastly, be polite and give your bandmates the respect they deserve. 

Keep A Positive Attitude

If you walk into practice with a cloud hanging over your head, chances are your bandmates are going to get rained on too. Negativity tends to spread to the people around you, so you’re going to want to sort that out outside of your musical environment. Unless, of course, it has to do with your band, then be vocal about your feelings, but if not, try not to let it ruin a practice or a show. 

But Most Importantly, Have Fun!

The reason you’re in a band is most likely because you love music, so make sure that passion goes with you wherever your musical journey takes you. It’s an honor and a privilege to get to perform and do it with people you care about. Make sure that fun is a part of it every chance you get!

Marie Miguel

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