lost,there – “idwbs”


“idwbs” is a consuming rock single from lost,there, the project of André Vargas Roo. “I don’t wanna be seen,” he repeats amidst pulsing guitars to start, rounded out by tenderly melodic guitar twangs. Lush, nostalgic synths frolic past the one-minute turn, accompanied seamlessly in the mix by guitars and throbbing percussion.

The initial driving rock-forward ferocity reminds fondly of The Hold Steady, while the glistening synth-laden builds thereafter echo a dreamier textural allure. The opening refrain returns in the final minute, bolstered by twinkling guitars and preceding synths that help bolster with a hypnotically addictive charm. “idwbs” is a riveting ode to friendship from lost,there.

“It’s about being surrounded by the people that made you, and are still making you into who you are,” Andre says of the track. “About the laughter, hugs, and ‘i love yous’ that are passed around endlessly in a small apartment in the freezing northeastern winter. It’s every moment that makes you feel on top of the world.”

The track’s vocals and guitars were tracked at Germano Studios in New York, engineered by Reed Seely.

This track and others featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of February 2022’ Spotify playlist.

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