Roadkill Kenneth – “Mother-o’-Law, S02E02 – E07”


Unleashing a creative fury throughout its 7+ minutes, “Mother-o’-Law, S02E02 – E07” is a recent release from Swedish band Roadkill Kenneth. Part of the “punk-Wagnerian” opera Mother Of The Law And Nothing But The Law, the track showcases the band’s knack for capricious melodic twists and enjoyably unsettling fervency. Psych-friendly vocal segments evolve into a pulsating frenzy, the frantic vocals exhibiting various tones and emotive rises, from sped-up grumbling to higher-pitched soaring. The theatrical “in the snake pit,” gives way to an operatic rise that captivates, followed by quick-cutting rock verses. The second half is prominent in distortion-heavy anthemic rock; dexterous guitars and spoken-word perkiness intermingle with vigor. I’ve never heard anything quite like this track, and wonderfully so.

The band elaborate on the release and concept below:

“The song is the finale of act one, and the whole punk opera consists of four acts and is primarily about Savantovit: A penisless, four-faced gigolo god, serving since 10,000 years the women of the matriarchal planet Murtherus. Now he embarks on a space odyssey with the objective to obtain fertility.”

Read further on the release, in addition to its English translation, via the band’s press page.

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