Doug Henthorn – “Forewarned and Failing”

A recent track from Indianapolis-based artist Doug Henthorn, “Forewarned and Failing” channels a bluesy rock fervency throughout. Henthorn’s vocals show a fierce passion, alternating between suave escalation and ardent outpouring. A driving guitar pulse, accompanied by smatterings of piano, leads the blues-centric arsenal with a convincing passion. References to the “final hour” and “racing angels,” during the escalation makes for a riveting sequence, echoing confident confrontation in the face of hardships. “Forewarned and Failing” is a steady rock success from Doug Henthorn.

The track precedes the release of Henthorn’s upcoming full-length, Three, releasing on May 6th.

Henthorn elaborates further on the upcoming album and its creative process, below:

“After releasing my first solo record ‘Cold Medicine’ (2016), I encountered some health issues and found myself contemplating end of life scenarios. I was writing a lot of material in this time period but didn’t feel right about releasing it after my recovery. I released ‘The LLC’ (my second solo release) instead. With the onset of the pandemic, lockdowns and isolation, I found myself contemplating again- adding to the material I’d compiled years earlier, and wanting to release this material. It feels right to release now. It’s a bit dark and obviously contemplative, but really a very positive and hopeful record. Sometimes dark, sometimes poking fun at myself, from mellow and somber to straight up hard rock, I feel it’s the most honest record I’ve done to date. There are three covers on the record as well that fit perfectly.”

This track and others released in February can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of February 2022’ Spotify playlist.

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