LOU DOG – “wineberryovergold”


Producing a heady, hypnotic sound with bedroom-rock appeal, “wineberryovergold” is the debut single from LOU DOG, an artist from Columbia, SC. A lonesome guitar line and murky vocals are joined by a punchy percussive pulse, expanding with intriguing whirring textures and vocal effects as the one-minute mark approaches. The track’s steady guitar-based meditation, laid-back vocals, and sporadic textural additions converge for a thoroughly consuming listen.

LOU DOG’s music career began in 2016, upon the formation of experimental rock band Chino the Great, comprising high schoolers in South Carolina (and LOU DOG as the frontman and lead songwriter). The group disbanded in 2018, following their first and only album Hip New Moon. LOU DOG would go on to form A$$HAT RECORDS in the fall of 2021, featuring music and visualizers from FLASHRODGERS.

LOU DOG’s “wineberryovergold” releases on the label now, the track described by LOU DOG as “a surreal look at the party scene of 2018.” “It was a different time for everybody, life just felt different than it does now,” he says. The track represents the first in a series of singles, leading up to the release of LOU DOG’s extended project, PARTYHOUSE3000, in late May — described as “a collage album made up of songs written throughout his early college years.”

This track and others featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of March 2022’ Spotify playlist.

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