Stephen G. Clayton – “Punchline” / “My Accident”


Stephen G. Clayton impresses with the double single “Punchline” and “My Accident,” featuring Knight-Malciak. Per Clayton, the release is “about searching for strength in the face of violence.” “Punchline” is an invigorating, emotive success, where intense strings follow intimate acoustical pulses with a convincing, seamless vigor. “Maybe it’s the young ones, maybe it’s the coffee,” Clayton lets out prior to the second big rise, yearning for “just some sight of the end.” The sense of yearning is conveyed with melodic and aesthetic strength, the “get over it,” refrain touting a relatable sense of coping through tumult.

“My Accident” also succeeds, channeling a more rock-friendly build through escalating guitar twangs and steadier vocal suaveness. The guitar tones and lush vocals play with hypnotic allure, the “to be seen,” bridge past the three-minute mark exceling with melodic effervescence. Both “My Accident” and “Punchline” showcase stellar songwriting and a memorable stylistic fervor, incorporating grandiose orchestral components and anthemic rock builds alike.

Clayton got his start as a member of the band Meeky Rosie, later returning in songwriting, partially as a response to lockdown. His singles drew praise from blogs and the likes of BBC Radio 6 Music, with “Punchline” / “My Accident” representing the Exeter, UK-based artist’s fifth release.

“Punchline” and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of March 2022’ Spotify playlist.

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