Premiere: Denni Ian – “Two Figures”


Danish artist Denni Ian impresses with his new track “Two Figures,” released today. Produced alongside longtime collaborator Christian Johansen, “Two Figures” represents the first release from Ian since his debut album, The Sad Saint of South End, in November 2020.

Ian’s solemn vocal presence entrances amidst steady guitar strumming and percussion to start, a fluttering textural layering emerging past the one-minute mark. “Everything feels like a dead end, in the absence,” Ian sings before further escalation, the vocal tone exuding a gravelly character fondly reminiscent of Nick Cave. The lightly pulsing key-laden touches in the background contrast enjoyably from the dark vocal inflection. Additional vocals emerge as the three-minute mark approaches, their wordless backing adding a haunting mystique. “Two Figures” is a resonating, emotive success throughout, reminiscent of The National and Nick Cave.

Ian says the following about the single:

“I wrote the lyrics for “Two Figures” in summer 2020 while being hospitalised at a local psych ward. Close to an all-time low, I had lost my mind, felt existentially exhausted, and alone. The day I was released, I started working on the expressionistic animations you see in the “Two Figures” music video. A year later, I headed into the studio to record the song, which was a much-needed relief. If it isn’t obvious what it’s about, listen to it again.”

This track and others featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of April 2022’ Spotify playlist.

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