Premiere: Russell Joslin – “Streetfight”


Russell Joslin‘s newly released track “Streetfight” is a gripping traversal through London’s early hours and its inhabitants, through the scope of a nighttime drive. Steady guitar jangles lead an exciting pace, with synth-laden additions conjuring ’80s nostalgia.

Joslin’s vocals ascend seamlessly from suave narrations to hooky exultation, the “just another street fight,” escalation exuding a nocturnal allure with the prancing guitar twangs and moody synth reflections. The darkly entrancing guitar tones and vocal fervency resonate throughout. “Streetfight” captivates with a memorable aesthetic and consuming melodic pull, marking an excellent showing from the London-based artist.

Joslin elaborates more on the track’s creative process, below:

“The song started with the guitar part, I was using a new delay and managed to make a sound which reminded me of the police helicopters which circle South Tottenham almost every night in the early hours. From there my memory drifted to the numerous times I have seen violent situations on the street on my cab ride home from my night shifts and how that made me feel – the guilt at not doing anything to help … the strange, unspoken situation it created with the cab driver. I had to pull the melody and the arrangement out of the guitar part production-wise, I always heard it as a nocturnal driving song, I wanted to try and create that atmosphere.”

The track also releases alongside a video, created with longtime film/music/photo collaborator Ben Sommers. “Making that video was one of the most insane and unforgettable weekends of my life,” Joslin says. “I’ve never followed a video idea so unreservedly and with such abandon and it sets the tone for how I want to work from now on … doing it sober was even more of a trip. Whether it works or not, I couldn’t have done it without Ben.”

“Streetfight” includes Joslin’s long-term singing partner and fiancée Sarah McCaig (Russell Joslin & Sarah McCaig), bassist and long-time collaborator Rolfin Nyhus (High Windows, Clapton Fox), and London Symphony Orchestra flautist Alyson Frazier.

This track and others featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of April 2022’ Spotify playlist.

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