The Biggest Music Stars Ever that Performed in Las Vegas

Call it the City of the Light, the Entertainment capital of the world, or Sin City, Las Vegas is the most popular city globally. It is infamous for nightlife, hotels, strip clubs, shopping malls, and numerous casinos. According to Ninja Casino, the city is among the most visited by casino enthusiasts.

It is not new that musicians have performed in Las Vegas for decades. Regardless of how many come and go, even the best of them know that you haven’t made it until you perform and gamble in Vegas. Here are the most outstanding music stars ever that played in Las Vegas.

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Celine Dion

Celine Dion headlined A New Day at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas from 2003 to 207. The French-Canadian singer performed in 714 shows and made over $385 million during these years. To this very day, she is considered the most successful singer to perform in Vegas, well since Elvis Presley.

Frank Sinatra

Word on the street is that Sinatra was the spark that transformed Las Vegas from a desert to a glamorous entertainment destination. His first Vegas gig was in September 1951 at Desert Inn. However, it was at Sands Hotel and Casino where he did his first headlining show.

Over the years, Sinatra and the rat pack made Las Vegas their home away from home. If they were not entertaining, performing, or relaxing, they were playing. Their presence attracted high rollers to the casino, and when they were playing, the casinos were fully packed.

Sinatra was an outstanding poker player, and Las Vegas loved him. At 64 years, he was chosen to the Gaming Hall of Fame in gratitude for his essential role in the gaming industry.

Elvis Presley

Elvis’ first appearance on stage in Las Vegas was in 1956. However, he did not hit it off until 1969; in 1969, he performed at the International Hotel, and the tickets sold out. Over the following years, he transformed the city with 837 sold-out shows.

Elvis was always humorous and performed various acrobats and flips, making the fans go crazy. To this day, many artists agree that it was because of Elvis that they got a chance to perform in Vegas.

Britney Spears

Besides the fame and the awards, Britney is a Las Vegas resident. In 2014, she had massive success at Planet Hollywood in Vegas, which ran for four years. She appeared in many concerts in alluring costumes and gave stunning performances. According to the Vegas review journal, Spears’ Piece of Me still ranks as the best overall show and best bachelorette party.


Las Vegas rivals most music cities in America. In fact, it slowly became musicians shining beacons. It has experienced top-quality performances from high-profile A-list stars. Music stars touring through the city attract visitors worldwide, grossing millions. 

The city not only offers fun with slot machines and poker tables but also great performances from famous musicians. In reality, the city has seen the best of top-quality A-lister musicians since time immemorial. 

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