Cal Folger Day – “Act 2”


“Act 2” is an intriguing new track from Dublin/Baltimore-based artist Cal Folger Day. A jazzy rhythm section accompanies a conversational vocal approach, the lyrics being “verbatim quotes from an interview Cal conducted with Irene Nally, a distant aunt and Irish immigrant.” The approach, reminiscent of The Fiery Furances’ Rehearsing My Choir, breathes further life into the capriciously consuming song structure. The “and I remember,” expansion prior to the one-minute turn ushers in synth arps and tender strings, kickstarting the track’s ambitious journey, traversing from psych and chamber-pop to conversational folk.

The track comes via the upcoming album Piece-dye, releasing on June 3rd. As she is on “Act 2,” Nally is the documentarian focus throughout Piece-dye, reflecting on her life and career. The album explores “the contradictions of post-war New York City” through deeply personal anecdotes and a riveting experimental musical approach, enjoyably reflective of NYC.

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