COW – ‘When The Darkness Gets You Down’


The new EP from UK quartet COW, When The Darkness Gets You Down captivates with its rock sound, reminiscent of acts like Pavement and Dinosaur Jr. Lyrics explore the often grim, challenging states of relationships and life itself, in particular its fragility. Fronted by lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist Kyle Lee (formerly of Welsh act Gintis), COW impress throughout the EP with a nostalgic rock sound steeped in emotion and introspection.

Its lyrics emphasizing the repetitious “nature of relationships and how each side of chooses to deal with the monotony,” “On and On” is exemplary of the band’s gripping songwriting, strong on gradually escalating structures. Initial pleas to spend more time together plays aptly amidst frolicking guitars and amiable vocals, driving into pulsing distortion during the title-referencing refrain, fusing yearning power-pop and passionate alt-rock.

Thematically, the EP consumes with its various emotive devices and twists. In particular, “Notemakers” resonates with its excerpts from the suicide notes of famous writers and musicians, topically aligning with “the sense of goodbye.” The epic title track plays with similar themes, chronicling the thoughts of someone contemplating suicide. COW bridges these sensitive, important topics with a fervently resonating rock sound.

Stream When The Darkness Gets You Down, below:

“On and On” and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of May 2022’ Spotify playlist.

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