David Long & Shane O’Neill – “Bruised”


Conjuring an emotive rock sound with nostalgic ’80s post-punk fervency, “Bruised” is a new track from David Long and Shane O’Neill, from their newly released album, Age Of Finding Stars. The album follows up their 2021 debut, Moll & Zeis.

“Bruised” excels with its escalating vocal passion and textured guitar tones. A helicopter-esque momentum excels into reverberating guitar tones and solemn vocals, repeating “you are a liar,” with a melodic suaveness. The guitar work excels past the three-minute mark especially, the ominous post-punk backing entrancing amidst the more free-flowing lead guitars. Aesthetically, I’m reminded fondly of The Go-Betweens.

Both artists found success in the ’80s and beyond with their previous acts. Long was the face of Dublin-based group Into Paradise, whose major record label debut on Ensign, Churchtown, was produced by Adrian Borland (The Sound). O’Neill fronted Blue In Heaven, whose debut album, All The Gods Men, was produced by Martin Hannett. Long and O’Neill prior successes resonate to this day, and with “Bruised” and Age Of Finding Stars it’s clear they’re still at the top of their songwriting games.

Stream the album below:

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