Ricky Fisher – “Caught In A Feeling”


A yearning, hooky rocker from Brooklyn-based artist Ricky Fisher, “Caught In A Feeling” consumes with its melodic guitar/synth interplay and vocal work, reminiscent of Last Dinosaurs. “I’m still searching for the truth,” Fisher admits alongside jangly guitars, supplemented thereafter by a fluid synth line that drives into the lyrical pleading to “start over again.”

“I guess we’ll never see the light, since we both were so afraid,” Fisher sighs during the track’s dreamy bridge, building cohesively to the emotive chorus’ reprisal. “Caught In A Feeling” excels in its convincing yearning and hooky structural build, characteristics evident throughout the other tracks on Fisher’s Caught In A Feeling EP.

Per the artist: “This song is about seeing what you’re missing out on. Wanting to try in a relationship but knowing it wouldn’t work out anyway. Can also be taken in a friendship way. That you have faded out of your group and wish you could start over.”

Stream the EP below:

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