Swansgate – ‘Becoming Someone’ LP


The new album from Charlotte, NC-based band Swansgate, Becoming Someone compels throughout with its stellar songwriting and eclectic stylistic range, spanning from psychedelia to synth-pop and atmospheric electronica.

The opener, “Lost in the Sun,” builds off spirited guitars and drives into a spacey synth accompaniment. The mellow vocals endear throughout, grooving with a seamless charm amidst the frolicking guitars and atmospheric synth components. The album’s lyrics show inspiration and courage, evident on tracks like “Lust for Love.” Lyrically emphasizing turning one’s life around amidst twinkling keys and tender vocals, the track tugs at the heart with sincere qualities.

Additional highlights include the aptly nocturnal lushness of “While the Nightttime Wades,” the crisp synth-pop hookiness of “Broken Role Models,” and the heart-tugging ballad “Moving Forward.” The latter is especially riveting with its hypnotic synth layering and vocal effects.

Frontman Stu Draughn expands more on the album’s inspirations and creative process:

“With this album, we really wanted to bottle up about 20+ years worth of musical influence into a 45 minute piece of music. My dad died a year before starting the project, and that thrust me into a transformation of sorts. I went through a long process of reflection, which led to a better understanding of who I am. Just as we are all children of our ancestors, this album is a child of all of the musical ideas that inspired it. I really tried hard to capture the essence of every artist I’ve ever loved, while arranging things in a way that is new and fun to listen to.”

Stream Becoming Someone in full, below:

“Moving Forward” and others featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of May 2022’ Spotify playlist.

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