Shadowbanned – ‘Summer Dream’ EP


Offering up three stellar tracks that span from ’60s psychedelic pop to dreamy shoegaze inspiration, Summer Dream is a captivating EP from Shadowbanned. The project is led by producer/songwriter Chris Sizemore — who was born in Nashville and is now based in Manchester, UK — alongside an ever-evolving cast of vocalists and musicians from around the globe.

The opening “I Don’t Want To Wake Up (From This Dream)” wastes no time in conveying the group’s big sound; frolicking woodwinds, hypnotic guitar jangles, and lush vocal effects craft a stimulating soundscape with ample intrigue. Brassy blares emerge during the melodic chorus, punctuated by a title-referencing yearning. Intriguing strings linger in the background, cementing the track’s enthralling cinematic pop aesthetic.

“Summer Song” succeeds in its warming ’90s nostalgia, its dreamy alt-pop allure led by hazy vocals that delight — especially into the lush “weeks and years,” sequence. The calming bass line and washed-out guitar textures conjure a comforting, throwback feeling. “On This Day” closes the EP, and cements its 3-for-3 success, with spacey synth tones and pulsing percussion complementing a soulful vocal captivation.

Stream the EP, below:

“I Don’t Want To Wake Up (From This Dream)” and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of June 2022’ Spotify playlist.

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