Ellery Twining – “Weatherall”


“Weatherall” is a debonair rocker from Ellery Twining, the solo project of Connecticut-based artist Rich Freitas. The track comes via his debut album, REVENGE. “Weatherall” is a suavely melodic success from Freitas, who is also known for his drumming with the acts 17 Relics, Low-Beam, and Slander.

The opening vocals convey a spoken-word composure, setting the stage with anticipation amidst the jangly backing guitars. Twangy adornments arrive alongside the slight percussion. The track escalates with a haunting fervency thereafter. “We built a disco in the attic, played your records, to get the people to dance, under any circumstance,” the vocals remark, driving to the haunting “I didn’t realize,” refrain. The understated verses expand with seamless cohesion into the chorus, full of mood and mystique.

Per Freitas, the track and video “are tribute to British producer/DJ Andrew Weatherall, who passed as I was writing the songs for REVENGE.”

Photo Credit: Michelle Gemma

Stream the entirety of REVENGE, below:

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