MOLTENO – “Moonlight”

Credit: Simone Meissl

Starry-eyed synths and lushly engrossing vocals lead throughout “Moonlight,” a dream-traversing pop success from East London-based artist MOLTENO. Crafting a stimulating sound with both audible and visual appeal, MOLTENO has also collaborated with fasion labels (Longshaw Ward, Eirinn Hayhow) for photo shoots and outfits. A music video accompanies the track, directed by Daisy Moseley and starring William Moseley.

A pulsing bass thump and murky textures craft a nocturnal soundscape initially, exuding a more post-punk elegance. Serene vocals and spacey synths shift the feeling into a brighter effervescence, especially upon the soaring, title-referencing vocal development. This particular section reprises throughout the track, sending memorable chills each time. The murky bass line, calming vocal presence, and atmospheric synths converge for a beautifully memorable composure throughout “Moonlight.”

MOLTENO elaborates further on the track:

“After experiencing lucid dreaming, with ‘Moonlight’ I wanted to explore the idea of travelling and connecting through dreams. What if we truly wake up in our dreams and travel by moonlight? It’s the first single from ‘Element 2’ – the second of four EPs that aim to celebrate the elements and the way nature connects us.”

This track and others featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of July 2022’ Spotify playlist.

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