Great Klons – ‘Forever Changers’ EP

Photo Credit: Courtney Hastings

A newly released EP from Rochester (NY)-based act Great Klons, Forever Changers impresses with its range of quality songwriting. With stylistic presentations ranging from warming Americana to spacey electro-folk, the release touts five different personalities through its five tracks. The project is led by Scott Klon, alongside collaborators Courtney Hastings (violin) and Justin Levy (producer/bassist).

The EP’s self-titled track proves gripping with its lush folk haze, conjuring a ’90s nostalgia in the nonchalant vocal tone and shimmering guitars. The textural glow upon the string-laden hook, approaching the one-minute turn, sends chills. Similar to Damien Jurado and Alex G, Great Klons show a captivating capability to seamlessly shift folk-friendly territory into more expansive electronic-tinged shimmers, propelled vibrantly further in the track’s second half.

The similarly stylish “Drifting on the Wheel” consumes with suave intent. Understated vocals and string flourishes contrast beautifully amidst the bouncy bass line. Plucked strings amidst the “broken handheld Switch,” line drives beautifully into another ensuing hook. Showing the release’s variety further, “All Jazz” embraces the folk-friendly arsenal of prior tracks, though with 808 beats adding a futuristic feeling, a la Sufjan Stevens. The “momentary lapse,” sequence wholly engrosses, as does the entirety of Great Klons’ Forever Changers EP.

Stream the album, below:

“Forever Changers” and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of August 2022’ Spotify playlist.

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