Roy Shakked – ‘Throwback’


The newly released Throwback is a stellar album from Roy Shakked, illuminating the artist’s songwriting abilities and knack for tonal variety, from funky rockers to synth-laden atmospherics.

“This release was created in my personal analog studio, sinking into some fuzzy 80’s and 70’s influenced grooves and harmonies, collaborating with a bunch of amazing musicians around the world in the process,” says Shakked, who is based out of Los Angeles and Tel Aviv.

The opening track “Play On” is exemplary of Shakked’s playful, hooky songwriting. The title-referencing rise is joined by twinkling keys and funky guitar lines, as Shakked effortlessly heightens his vocal pitch. Brassy additions add wonderfully thereafter. A jam-friendly, suavely infectious success, “Play On” opens up Throwback with apt accessibility and stylish confidence.

Shakked’s synth-forward pursuits are similarly captivating. “Emotional” infuses a funk-pop charm with atmospheric synth pulses, the “I get emotional,” vocal sequence enamoring alongside trickling piano. “Ocean” finds a lovely in-between, with melodic guitars and spacey synths interplaying throughout the “waves are your emotions,” progression. Elsewhere, “I’m Telling Anyone” compels with its ballad-ready verses, which swell enjoyably into a more vibrant interplay between guitars, synths, and piano.

Stream Throwback in full, below:

“Play On” and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of August 2022’ Spotify playlist.

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