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San Francisco-based artist Serge Preo impresses with the track “Endangered,” whose debonair rock sound reminds fondly of the band Television. Preo wrote the track about five years ago, which was around the time he started his own project, whose formative process inspired the track’s themes. “When I was faced with actually starting a project I went through self-doubt,” he says. “One of those “do I have what it takes to make anything meaningful?” The lyrics became about that.”

Suave vocals and crisp guitar jangles emerge simultaneously, amidst a pleasantly bouncy rhythm section. “Wish you didn’t have to be scared,” Preo lets out, emitting a consuming confidence reminiscent of Tom Verlaine. A slight rhythmic pause past the two-minute turn drives into a guitar-fronted emphasis; distorted guitar textures appear amidst a captivating melodic turn, exuding a darker character with some post-punk pleasantries within the bass line.

“Endangered” is a stellar rocker from Serge Preo, bringing forth a sound that compels with its no-frills production and understated vigor. “Endangered” also releases alongside a music video (above), featuring a kangaroo mask that Preo purchased, originally intending to perhaps perform on stage with it (though the mask was ultimately too awkwardly designed for that). Preo elaborates on the video further:

As for the old roo mask, I got a friend and old bandmate of mine to wear it while we filmed the video. Sometimes my now wife helped when filming out of a car was involved. I haven’t done a music video before, though I’ve gotten a feel for shooting live shows with my Blackmagic pocket camera. Still, there was much to learn on what works and what doesn’t. Our shoestring filming on San Francisco streets at night was crazy in many ways. It took over a year to make it happen, as my friend and I got together on and off. The post-production and getting the right mix/master as things became remote has been a journey of its own. But I like what came out in the end.

Photo Credit: Yulia L.

This track and others featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of August 2022’ Spotify playlist.

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