Posted September 14, 2022 by Mike Mineo in Psychedelic Rock

Floral Image – “El Topo”

A riveting psych-rock journey, “El Topo” is a new single from Floral Image, a band from Norwich, UK. Evoking a mysterious soundscape, “El Tojo” is aptly named after the Alejandro Jodorowsky cult film, touting a mixture of atmospheric textural engrossment and hard-thumping rock appeal.

Escalating rhythms and shimmering key-laden momentum coalesce into a guitar-fronted groove. Lush vocals creep in seamlessly, escalating with feverish captivation into the spacey second half. A lushly entrancing sequence past the three-minute mark excels, building enjoyably into a conclusion that grips with a furious invigoration.

Marvel in the band’s stellar live performance of the track, below:

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