The project of producer and guitarist Adam Hailstone, Pink Films crafts a serenely engrossing vein of dreamy rock. His newly released FROM THE TOP FLOOR EP was crafted over a two-year span, in his spare Brighton (UK)-based bedroom.

Touching on “subjects of love and loss, and tributes,” the EP title derives from “the flat being located on the top floor of 2 other apartments. I wanted to create an emotional yes energetic vibe,” Hailstone says.

Emotively gripping while still producing a hooky range of bustling rhythms, infectious guitars, and memorable synth injections, the aim certainly succeeds. Pink Films first caught our ears in March, with EP track “M.A.D. (Movie’s Almost Done),” and the EP’s other efforts continue the strengths shown there.

Standout track “Turquoise” mesmerizes with its glistening guitars, lush vocals, and hooky build. The “rush is gone,” sequence simultaneously caresses and electrifies, its tones remaining laid-back while the melodic direction invigorates. The EP’s six tracks tout an abundance of similar quality. The atmospheric instrumentals also add well; “Intro” hypnotizes with the heavy percussive pulse alongside serene piano additives, while “1965” reminds of The Radio Dept. in its spirited keys and wordless vocal reflections amidst retro synths.

Following the superb “M.A.D. (Movie’s Almost Done),” the FROM THE TOP FLOOR EP is further indication of Pink Films being a project that bears close watching.

Stream the EP:

“Turquoise” and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of September 2022’ Spotify playlist.

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