Frowein Pedersen – ‘Neighbours’

Cover photo: Romain Mader

Strutting a dynamic jazz-inspired sound with elements of trip-hop, hip-hop, and beyond, Neighbours is the captivating debut album from Frowein Pedersen, a German/Danish duo based in Zürich.

The promising project comprises Philip Frowein, a multi-instrumentalist and longtime DJ with hip-hop roots, and Aske Lyck Pedersen, a producer and drummer who has been touring with acts like M.I.L.K, Reptile Youth, and others.

The album shows an abundance of cinematic-friendly intrigue; each track flows with a unique personality and fervency, ranging from the tropical pulse of “Cima Citta” to the dreamy psych-pop of “The Valse.” Furthermore, the exploration of a jazzy funk smokiness on the enthralling opener “J. Park Theatre” entices with a strong hypnotic pull; the steady bass line and mid-section sample-laden effervescence result in a spine-chilling result.

A wide variety of moods are on display. “Lyck’s Piano” shows an initial crawl of brooding bass and click-clacking percussion, feeling alive like an assembly of appliances. There’s a ghostly, rhythmically dense quality fit for film as well, particularly something Kubrick may have utilized. Closing this fantastic album, the title track casts a blissful spell with its spacious synth lead, closing the standout release on a lush note.

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“J. Park Theatre” and others featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of October 2022’ Spotify playlist.

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