Poseidon’s Alley – “Until We Meet Again” + “Haunted”


Blackberries is the striking new album from Poseidon’s Alley, the project of LA-born music professor Tim Herscovitch. Infectious rhythmic grooves, atmospheric synths, and memorable guitar riffs flourish throughout the instrumental release, stylistically broad in its eclectic feats. Drawing from synthwave, prog-rock, and modern jazz in particular, Blackberries leaves a strong mark.

“Until We Meet Again” is a beautifully melodic success, full of catching structural shifts. Vibrant guitars and synths intermingle for a consuming first minute. Glistening synths and steady percussion ease past the one-minute turn, giving way for a melancholic guitar progression with late-night captivation. The effort is fully exemplary of the project’s standout songwriting and versatile arsenal.

Another album highlight, “Haunted” builds from darkening synth-laden intrigue. Smooth, jazzy guitar tones correspond amiably with the synth pulsations, culminating into a blissfully spacey soundscape with starry-eyed synth and guitar synergy. “Haunted” showcases Herscovitch’s knack for memorably cinematic soundscapes, without abandoning a strongly melodic component.

Stream the rest of Blackberries below:

“Until We Meet Again” and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of October 2022’ Spotify playlist.

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