Anita Eccleston – “Golden Hour”

Photo Credit: Tamea Burd

Vancouver-based artist Anita Eccleston enamors with a sound that beautifully balances lo-fi quaintness with expansive brass-laden effervescence. Such is apparent on the fantastic new track “Golden Hour,” a highlight off Eccleston’s album Gala Gardens.

The lush and radiant “Golden Hour” plays with a casual charm, its swinging 6/8 time enabling a sense of spontaneity, especially as the bright brass additions hit around the one-minute mark. Twinkling keys provide a sense of tranquility; the momentary respite builds seamlessly into the bolstering keys and suave brass inclinations. “Golden Hour” is indicative of the high quality throughout Gala Gardens.

The artist impresses with a DIY pedigree throughout the album, contributing trumpet, electric ukulele, and background vocals — in addition to handling producing, engineering, and mixing duties. Chris Gestrin (Public Alley 421) mastered the album and Emily Valin (EACV Designs) created the album cover art.

Stream Gala Gardens below:

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