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Ben Pagano – “Feeling Down”

NYC-based artist Ben Pagano enthralls on the rousing “Feeling Down,” navigating both spacious synth-laden soundscapes and impassioned rock with cohesive success. He describes the effort as “an atmospheric, moody rocker where I explore how one can become too comfortable & stuck ‘feeling down.'”

Haunting synth-laden dreaminess and trickling guitar jangles form a nostalgic yearning amidst a slight percussive pitter-patter. Lyrics speaking of becoming “part of the machine,” and feeling nothing add to a sense of despair, uplifted with synth flourishes into the guitar-fronted rise. Shades of The War on Drugs entrance here, with some Neil Young also apparent in the vocal theatrics and rising guitar-based momentum. “Feeling Down” is a powerful, dynamic showing from Pagano.

Stream Pagano’s new album, Exploring Dreams, below:

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