Culak – ‘Mono No Aware’

Cover Credit: Masahiro Hayata

A stirring album spanning from intricate post-rock and passionate emo with orchestral additions, Mono No Aware represents the 16th conceptual release from Texas-based solo project Culak. A beautiful sense of unpredictability echoes throughout these 11 tracks, self-produced and independently licensed.

Chilly guitar jangles and solemn vocals provide atmospheric engrossment on the opener “All We Have,” which explores the concept of beauty as finite. Brassy injections meander alongside the heavy guitar trickles, with faded percussion evolving into an ominous vocal murmur that swells gorgeously back into the jangling guitars and string-laden undercurrent. “All We Have” is an apt opener in showcasing the project’s emotive rock-forward entrancement.

Also captivating is the track “Letter from the Heart,” building with momentum from bass-y envelopment and gradual guitar trickling. The guitars’ textural growth exude a post-rock glow, as do the morose vocal tones, referencing the “burden of lifelong resentment,” with chilling effect amidst the touches of piano. Mono No Aware is a showcase of quality, emotionally-charged songwriting with consuming late-night atmospheric appeal.

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