Deltawelle – “Alles soll schön sein”

Photo Credit: Bob Sala

A catchy new track that meshes sharp-cutting synths with playful guitar eruptions, “Alles soll schön sein” comes via Deltawelle, a band from Leipzig and Berlin. The German project impresses with a sound that meshes dexterous new-wave synth theatrics with a post-punk guitar-laden fervency. Per the act: “The name comes from the fact that many song ideas arise unexpectedly from the subconscious, just before sleep.”

The track title translating to “Everything should be beautiful,” “Alles soll schön sein” represents the project’s debut single, and comes via the EP of the same name. The self-produced success relays the feeling of “how someone fails to capture happiness desperately.”

A deep bass line finds reflective accompaniment from chipper guitars and a suave vocal lead, gradually escalating. Spacey synth prominence emerges during the intriguing bridge, which expands into a satiating vocal hook with shades of Damon Albarn. “Alles soll schön sein” is a fun, accomplished success from Deltawelle.

Check out the track’s music video:

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