Gabriella Salvucci – ‘Peace Offering’

Photo Credit: Chad Cochran

Singer/songwriter Gabriella Salvucci impresses with a powerful, heartfelt sound on her debut full-length, Peace Offering. Signed to Misra Records at the age of 15, the Pittsburgh-based artist continues to captivate with a sound propelled by her stirring vocals and piano-driven melodies, drawing favorable comparisons to the likes of Maggie Rogers and Weyes Blood.

Aided by the excellent work of producer Dana Cannone and other collaborative musicians, Peace Offering showcases Salvucci’s heartrending songwriting, depicting personal experiences that range from her older sister moving away to political strife. A pianist and guitarist, Salvucci impresses with her powerful vocals, instrumentation, and honest lyrical charms.

The opening lyrical melancholy — “she cried on her wedding day, you were the flower girl,” — captures the album’s knack for portraying personal experience amidst stirring instrumentation. Gorgeous piano twinkles and a hazy, warming backing organ complement this moving tale of forlorn relationships and ensuing “peace offerings.” Organs and piano converge with similar captivation on the subsequent “Hopes Up,” resonating with an emotive pull reminiscent of Weyes Blood here, especially.

Quality songwriting and touching vocal performances are abundant throughout Peace Offering, firmly showcasing Salvucci’s status as a rising singer/songwriter with quickly ascending results.

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“Peace Offering” and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of November 2022’ Spotify playlist.

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