Mia Lovelock – “Fall Inside of You”


An atmospheric pop track with late-night breakup reflections, “Fall Inside of You” is the latest from Sydney-based artist Mia Lovelock. Rather quickly, a striking soundscape is built with nocturnal keys and cavernous rhythms. There’s a tinge of trip-hop in the moody synth and percussive balance, with Massive Attack cited as one particular influence, in addition to the emotive soundscapes of The Cure.

Lyrically exploring the importance of moving on after a toxic relationship, particularly as one still finds themselves on “the side of the road” in disbelief, “Fall Inside of You” resonates with its refrain — “there you are, on the side of the road,” — within its intoxicating, hypnotic mix.

“My studio partner and I were joking about how we haven’t written a love song yet, and that’s how “Fall Inside of You” came about, although it has a little bit of a dark twist.” Mia says. “I just love the contrast we achieved with this song. The verse and chorus show two sides – with love and admiration balanced by the brutality that comes with breaking away.”

In addition to her stylish pop songwriting, Mia is already a recent selection as an Artist in Residence (AIR) for the Red Rattler Future Communities arts program, selected by the First Nations Artistic Authority and Artist Advisory Committee. Mia will present her art, music, and fashion at the Red Rattler Theatre, setting her wearable art designs against a backdrop of music, live painting, models, and dancers.

This and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of November 2022’ Spotify playlist.

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