OK Otter – “A Little Bit More”


“A Little Bit More” is a stirring new track from OK Otter, a rock band from State College, PA. The lead single from the quartet’s forthcoming new album, “A Little Bit More” thematically explores the risk of complacency, particularly when still on top. The band describe the effort as “about a young fighter coming up and taking the title from the seasoned veteran who has gotten lazy.”

Acoustical pulses and playful pulses build to a reverberating vocal presence. Wordless vocal expressions combine alongside an effervescent rise, giving way thereafter to electric guitars alongside the “wanted it a little bit more,” sequence. The vocal presence during this escalation reminds fondly of Bends-era Radiohead.

The acoustic-laden bridge in the final minute enchants as well, driving seamlessly to a rousing conclusion, where the anthemic vocals, key-laden glistening, and resonating guitar work converge for an affirming and satiating ending. “A Little Bit More” has me firmly anticipating OK Otter’s upcoming album.

Photo Credit: Matt Jacobs

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