Henry Ryeder – “Room With A View”


“Room With A View” is a captivating track from Brooklyn-based artist Henry Ryeder, whose new EP Tweepocalypse ranges from the moody psych-pop stylings of “Room With A View” to the lush bossa-nova pop feelings of “Back to You, Love.” The EP tracks emphasize a strong melodic pull and timeless pop feeling, influenced by a wide range of artist — ranging from the suave crooning pop works from Burt Bacharach and Henry Mancini to The Beatles and modern electro-pop acts like SOPHIE and Hannah Diamond.

“This record is an expression of anxieties I have about my role as an artist in a collapsing and crumbling world,” Henry says. “Wanting to give, and knowing exactly what you can and must give, while also dealing with the existential dread that everyone is equally feeling. Though I’m feeling down, I recognize it’s important to use my voice and platform to communicate that feeling to others. Speaking to generational trauma isn’t an easy task, but on Tweepocalypse I’m trying to rise to the challenge in my own way.”

“Room With A View” provides considerable mystique in its twangy guitars and haunting vocals, with a Lennon-esque vocal driving gorgeously into the chilling hook at the one-minute turn. Yearning apparent within the smoke-filled air, “Room With A View” showcases Ryeder’s knack for gripping songwriting within nostalgic, memorable soundscapes.

Stream the Tweepocalypse EP:

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