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megalashhh – “Shoot the moon”

“Shoot the moon” stands as the opening single from post-punk band megalashhh‘s debut EP, cheap thrills. The single offers a numbing atmospheric state of catatonic emotion. With its blurred video game aesthetic and isolated familiarity of late-night games conveyed in the video’s visuals, greasy takeaways and mindless screen-fed routines flash with sincere intrigue.

megalashhh capture the essence of existential dread in a dampened yet thought-provokingly emotive way. The band highlight the connections between loneliness and modern technology throughout the lyrics and the music video for this consuming single. The stylish “I can tell when you’re on your telephone,” vocal adds engrossingly to the suavely memorable mix.

The song embodies all the bad habits adopted in modern society and simultaneously expresses its resentment. The very essence of “Shoot the moon” echoes the hamster wheel of pattern-lead routines that consumes late-night junkies, with distorted bass line licks and distilling vocals that send us into the innermost ripples of our waking consciousness.

The depth and darkness within “Shoot the moon” offer a much gloomier sense of grief beyond boredom and laborious routine. It delves into the dread associated with loneliness, isolation, and depression — also highlighting the obsession with making deeper connections with a screen and a sofa rather than realizing that we all have to open the curtains and look outside — because we are “not like anyone.”

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