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On their gripping new album Omens, Berlin-based group KAYAM craft a hypnotic, atmospheric meshing of pop and folk. The project’s use of interweaving vocals and gentle acoustical trickles immerse throughout. Various additions emerge with delicate precision, adding to the resonating soundscapes, like the tender guitars on the bluesy “11 Days” and the moody string-laden underlying within the darkly intoxicating “Bloom.”

KAYAM, comprising the siblings Kim and Mike Rauss, consume from the get-go with the opening track “Atlas.” Haunting vocals lead into plucky guitars and mystique-filled strings, intermittently appearing as the dual-vocal haunts captivate. “Makes me dizzy, makes me wonder, how to always face the thunder,” the vocals exude, with an ensuing funk-tinged guitar sequence showcasing the band’s versatility. The gorgeous vocal harmonies, touches of strings, and steady Celtic-like pulse makes for a spell-inducing production.

More contemplatively unfolding with a folk-laden caressing, the lead single “Omens” is another standout. Serene acoustics, harp, and vocals combine for a ravishing listening experience. Atmosphere is prevalent here and throughout the album, particularly on “11 Days,” filled with field recordings resembling a stroll in the park. “Let’s Go for a Walk” succeeds in similarly lush atmospheric form, as hypnotic acoustic arpeggios develop with a warm embrace. Omens is a gorgeously produced success from KAYAM.

This and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of March 2023’ Spotify playlist.

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