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teenatown – “you & i”

Photo Credit: Mike Cicchetti

“you & i” is a vibrant pop single from Long Island-based artist teenatown, the project of Tina Miller. Concurrent heartbeats and aligning stars lyrically cast feelings of escapism alongside the one you love. “There’s a place we can go to, where the world is ours, you and I,” the magnetic chorus exudes, its ’80s synth-laden bounce and sentiments sounding like a fit for a getaway, a la “San Junipero.”

Jangly guitar additions emerge smoothly during the subsequent chorus, with the ensuing bass-heavy drive into the “you and I,” soaring kickstarting an alluring second half, where passionate vocal envelopment and guitar/synth interplay emerge with delightful results. “you & i” is a hooky, addictive pop success with heartfelt production from teenatown.

Miller elaborates on the track:

““you & i” is about falling in love with your best friend. I wrote this when I was falling for my best friend of 4 years. This song explores the beauty of fantasy. I tried to evoke much imagery by singing about made-up places that we could go to together. These places were inspired by vacation spots that we traveled to as friends and lovers.”

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