David A – ‘Lit’

A sweltering, nostalgic infusion of alt-rock and blues flourishes on the new album Lit, from Florida-based artist David A. The release represents his first full-length album of entirely new songs since 2013, balancing an outsider-rock creative ethos with a generally accessible sound full of bluesy emotion. “I’ve been called an outsider, and I embrace that, but I also think that’s only half the equation,” the artist explains. “I’m outside looking away, not in.”

The album kicks off with two tracks embracing a rock-heavy vigor, with “Fasting” excelling particularly in its bluesy guitar howls and suave vocal emotion. The third track, “Glamour Slain,” is especially evident of David’s eclectic songwriting. A more folk-minded acoustical backing complements brassy components, with the vocals expressively pushing forward alongside the brass for a sound fondly reminiscent of Southside Johnny. A vibrant final minute sees soaring vocals and enthused brass converge for a spine-tingling effect.

From the nocturnal chugging rock of “My Dark Love” to the punk-tinged nostalgia of closer “Just Ask Gloria,” Lit is full of memorable rock cuts that range from brass-laden elegance to raucous, swampy rock/blues engagement. “Balustrade” also needs mentioning, with its momentum-filled rock sound finding success in the top 10 of multiple radio station charts around the world. The subdued vocal presence and invigorating guitar work makes for a climactic, confident sound that’s representative of David A.’s stirring songwriting.

“Glamour Slain” and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of May 2023’ Spotify playlist.

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