Sam Bergquist – ‘Wiser Then’ EP

A compelling folk sound shows on the four tracks throughout the Wiser Then EP, the latest from Boston-based singer/songwriter Sam Bergquist. “When it comes down to it, what’s most important is our relationships with others,” he says. “That’s what the songs on Wiser Then explore.”

Produced by Bergquist and Jason Altshuler, Wiser Then highlights heartfelt, sincere lyrical outpouring amidst a comforting, familiar blend of folk and Americana. The opening “Do Things Different” wonders aloud about making important changes, and the lofty decision-making involved in setting those new actions in motion. Tender electric guitar emerges at the mid-point, as the vocals admit they’re “going out on a mission with my eyes open wide.” The “seize the day,” ethos invigorates following the contemplative initial spell.

Also impressing, “Am I Wiser?” infuses harmonica this time amidst thematic consistency in addressing self-growth. References to adulthood feeling like a prison keeping one away from their awakening prove impactful into the question “am I wiser now?” Bergquist shows an innate ability to channel very relatable sentiments about life’s evolutions, ranging from growing-up difficulties to traversing through relationships. A personable folk sound engages throughout, from the opener’s folk contemplation to the blues-tinged sweltering of the closing “You Give Me a Reason.”

Mike Mineo

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