Viben & The Submersibles – “Hot Skates (Live)”


“Hot Skates (Live)” is a track from Austin-based Viben & The Submersibles‘ new EP, Live In Austin II. The track exudes a bustling and infectious energy, especially compared to the more sophisti-pop stylings of previously featured “Initials.”

Funky guitar tones and brassy blares find captivating accompaniment in the peppy rhythmic pulse and eerie vocal stylings. The “all I think about is you,” expanse into the chorus plays with soulfully suave qualities, inducing replays with its brass-led vibrancy and the vocals’ cohesive emotive rise. More dexterous guitar work enamors through the track’s duration, which oozes with debonair attitude and stellar musicianship.

Check out the rest of the EP:

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