Echo Thrills – “In a Dream”


Its ravishing production touting a soulful mystique, “In a Dream” is a standout single from Echo Thrills, the project of Stockholm native Oskar Jennefors. Jazz, disco, and psychedelia inspirations blend masterfully amidst the neo-soul dazzling, with Jennefors referencing a past-meets-present collection of influences, ranging from Marvin Gaye and Roy Ayers to UMO and Tame Impala.

Mellow keys and glimpses of strings enamor into lush woodwind pushes and wordless vocal enthusiasm. Lyrics capture the “magical place,” that dreams can transport us to, full of color and whimsy. Twinkling keys add a weightless component to the orchestral integrations and funky rhythmic underlying, culminating in a chilling title-touting hook. “In a Dream” is a tasteful, atmospheric soul-pop stunner from Echo Thrills.

“In a Dream” is the first single from upcoming 6-track EP Destination Utopia, releasing on 8/31 via UK-based label Platoon Records.

Jennefors elaborates on the track:

“The track started out when I was on vacation, at my parents summerhouse in the Swedish archipelago. The sun was beaming down and was chilling by the ocean. Being in a blissful state combined with the beautiful surroundings gave me inspiration for the chords, and the slow disco beat just felt right on that warm, lush summer day. The lyrics are inspired by dreamstates and the beautiful places that you can visit in your dreams. All in all the track, for me, is more about being in a certain state of mind. A state of exploration, awe and a sense of magic.”

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