Eric H. F. Law – ‘Recreate’


On his new album Recreate, California-based singer/songwriter Eric H. F. Law tackles the complexities of human identity within a rousing sound, ranging from the folk-laden intimacy of the opening title track to the organ-infused ominous rock of “Who Tells Us.”

The tender opening title track expresses adoration for “faithful friends,” amidst the gentle organ backing and warming acoustics. Following, “Uneasy Glory” pursues a more electric direction, lyrically depicting the story of Cain and Abel in asking questions “where is your brother?” A gospel-minded organ infusion plays with poignant resonance. These first two tracks show a strong theme in the power of friendship and love, from the opener’s friendship jubilation to the melancholic regret of “Uneasy Glory.”

The dynamic “Who Tells Us” stands out with its range and pleading title-touting refrain. Subdued guitars and poetic lyrical prowess swell into pulsating organs and charismatic percussion prior to the one-minute turn, with snarling guitars adding to a soundscape fit for desert-set contemplation. “Small Things” shows a fittingly contemplative conclusion, referencing mother nature’s spontaneous events within heartfelt vocals and twangy guitar beauty. Recreate is exemplary of the stirring songwriting coming from Law, joined here by musicians Dan Cole, Dan Lutz, Steve Hass, and Max Hart.

Law elaborates on the album’s themes:

“Recreate is a collection of songs that invites listeners to enter deeper into “why” horrible things happened in our country and communities. Instead of angry songs of complaints that leave listeners overwhelmed and paralyzed, Recreate invites discernments that lead to a spirit of action rooted in our identity as human beings with memory of respect and kindness, with eyes that can see great things in the small and with a common connection to the LOVE that is our true identity – I love therefore I am.”

“Who Tells Us” and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of June 2023’ Spotify playlist.

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