Evelyn Cools – “Wilder Mind”


Captivating with a melodic and emotively affecting blend of folk and pop, reminiscent of Weyes Blood, “Wilder Mind” is a track from Evelyn Cools. Originally from Belgium and presently based in the USA, Cools showcases a poetic lyrical prowess and alluring folk sound, with twangy guitars and hypnotic keys adding to affecting themes involving “spirituality, human existence, and our connection to nature.”

Chilly organs and ruminating acoustics drive into the haunting vocals, which set the scenery of realization whilst atop a mountain. The thematic imagery stirs into the “dive into the depths of your memories,” sequence, where the added vocal emotion and intertwining instrumentation results in a spine-tingling awe. Suave yet emotively impactful, “Wilder Mind” is a standout effort from Evelyn Cools, representing the title track from the artist’s standout new EP, streaming below:

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The track is also featured in the genre-based, best-of Spotify compilation Emerging Indie Folk.

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