Juniper Avenue – ‘Chuck Rock’


North Carolina rockers Juniper Avenue showcase an exciting energy throughout their new album Chuck Rock, exuding a youthful charisma with nostalgic alternative and punk-rock inspirations.

The band’s sophomore album, following 2020’s self-titled release, Chuck Rock kicks immediately into an onslaught of infectious rock excitement. “Everything Must Go” is propelled by a shout-y vocal ferociousness and loose-flowing guitar ardency. “What do you think my hair? I don’t think anyone gives a fuck,” the vocals let out, capturing the punk-friendly, no-damns-given ethos — resonating aptly with the impassioned rock sound, elevated by a surf-y vocal reflection here around the mid-point.

The album’s title track is another thriller. “I can’t give it away,” the vocals howl amidst the steady guitar propulsions. The unbridled vocal passion does the heavy lifting, variation-wise, in the first half. The dizzying guitar-laden excitement thereafter fully envelops, pushing forth a swampy blues-tinged character into the conclusion.

Also notable, “Bumfuzzle” expresses a more debonair vocal lead, escalating into bouncy piano and sweltering guitar with a classic-rock vintage charm, approaching the two-minute turn. “I’ve been thinking,” the vocals express thereafter, emitting a crisper composure comparative to some tracks’ more punk-friendly raucousness. Chuck Rock is a satiating, exciting rock onslaught from Juniper Avenue.

The album’s title track and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of June 2023’ Spotify playlist.

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