Kianja – ‘Chapter Three’ EP


London-based artist Kianja impresses with an immersive soulful pop sound throughout her upcoming EP Chapter Three, releasing on July 6th.

The moving opener “Ever Since You Went Away” engrosses with its yearning, atmospheric production. “Now I gotta make it on my own, every decision,” Kianja lets out. “And it feels like there’s something missing.” The mellow keys and powerful vocals send chills in lamenting “ever since you went away,” — audibly capturing the heartbreak of a loved one’s departure. The “ton of bricks,” expanse upticks the vibrancy with reflective backing vocals and ardency, leading to a satiating conclusion.

The reggae/dub inspirations within the subsequent “Fear” showcase Kianja’s dynamic stylistic reach, integrating various facets into the soulful production. “It takes more energy thinking negatively,” she sings, eloquently capturing how “fear can cripple you if you let it take over.” In a society where fear can be warranted, the track plays with a meditative, mantra-like quality in emphasizing the importance of living to the fullest, even in the face of doubt. The reggae-inspired guitar tones lend an amiable infectiousness alongside these stirring lyrics.

In self-triumphant thematic contrast to the yearning opener, “Leave Me Behind” touts a confident urge to move onto better things; it plays like a natural development from heartache to realizing that newer can be better. “It’s just a case of time,” Kianja croons soulfully. “I need you to leave me behind.” A passionate vocal rise in the final minute stuns into the title-touting refrain.

Following, EP closer “Lost In You” exudes charisma in its vocal strides and building of inner-strength. “Why did I break my stride for you? You must take me for some kind of fool,” continues that sense of energized confidence, punctuating an EP that captivates with its soulful production and empowering themes of overcoming and self-discovery.

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