Relay Relay – “High On You”


North Carolina-based duo Relay Relay unveil a glistening pop magic on “High On You,” a replay-inducing success from the husband-wife team of Hannah and Jamie Rowen. “I’m high on you,” Hannah sings during the standout hook, as intertwining spacey synth lushness and suave guitar fixtures intertwine seamlessly. The more understated verses also compel, touting a patient build with its twinkling guitars and eventual second vocal emergence.

“Am I just dizzy?” the vocals ask during an electronic-minded bridge, with a submerged synth-fronted tonal composure hooking firmly. “High On You” is an addictively melodic earworm from Relay Relay.

Jamie elaborates more on the track’s creative process:

“We wrote this song at the campsite after a long and challenging hike through the presidential region. During the hike, I (Hannah) had a lot of doubt, as I was getting tired and the terrain was getting more technical. I was not expecting the hands-and-knees type bouldering and was worried about the sun setting on us, but with Jamie’s continuous encouragement we found the endorphin-filling panoramic views were well worth the struggle.”

“We channeled this kind of dizzying self-doubt and the subsequent high into the lyrics and instrumentation of “High On You” where the subject is swept up with someone but isn’t sure if the feeling is reciprocated. Sometimes it feels too good to be true, you know?! In verse 2, the male lead (Jamie) takes the melody and you can hear his reassurance as he tries to convince the self-doubting subject of his feelings.”

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