The Puddleducks – “My Everything” + “Waiting on Angels”


Charleston-based band The Puddleducks enthrall with an emotional rock sound on their new EP, Prince of Tides. A thematic focus on loss, both in regard to the mysteries of death and the heartrending impact of a deteriorating relationship, combines with a well-produced, melodic sound across the EP’s five tracks.

“My Everything” is among the highlights, with its twangy guitars and the heart-aching “I don’t mind where you’ve been,” refrain lingering past the first listen. There’s a touch of Eddie Vedder in the vocal presence, and the escalating guitar layers into the chorus fully engage. An onslaught of passion breaks through in the final minute, with the vocals attaining an invigorating, shouting appeal.

The band describes the effort as being about “the heartbreak of reconciliation. The sweet pain of fixing something you thought was broken beyond repair.” They continue: “We wanted to write a song that would make you eager for the sun to set so you could drive down the highway on a hot summer night and feel something heavy but not crushing, somber but full of hope.”

Another EP success, “Waiting on Angels” was written “in the hopes of capturing the confusing emotions surrounding death.” Opening lyrics fit that bill, reminiscing “back when we were younger,” while simultaneously hoping to see someone one last time, following their departure. Crunching guitars and the “fly above the earth,” vocal rousing concoct a strong ’90s alt-rock nostalgia. These two gems and others throughout Prince of Tides show The Puddleducks as fierce crafters of rousing rock music.

“My Everything” and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of June 2023’ Spotify playlist.

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