Clippy – “When I’m Here” + “Fragments”


When I’m Gone is the new album from New York-based artist Clippy, whose quaintly effective psychedelic sound consumes. “When I’m Here” and “Fragments” are two highlights in particular, showing themes of reflection and time amidst standout hypnotic, melodic production.

The satiating closer to the album, “When I’m Here” is described by the artist as “a song about a place in time and the journey to get there. A feeling that, if you could capture it, you would never want it to pass.” Reminiscing lyrics — “how long ago…” — combine with subdued guitars and hazy vocals for a hypnotic spell, as an uptick in jangly guitars and caressing wordless vocal backings enamor past the first minute. “When I’m Here” is a dazed delight.

Described as “perhaps the most psychedelic song on the project,” “Fragments” reflects on themes of “self-reflection, dreams, and the impact that they carry.” A glistening piano undercurrent and weary guitar twangs mesmerize alongside gentle vocals, lending a sort of eerie envelopment with the tonal direction. These two efforts do well in showcasing the tonal variety from Clippy, maintaining an intriguing melodic component throughout both.

Stream the rest of When I’m Gone:

“When I’m Here” and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of July 2023’ Spotify playlist.

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