Di Ivories – “Same Page”


On the new single “Same Page,” Brooklyn-based artist Di Ivories crafts a hypnotic sound balancing a bouncy pulse with dreamy textural allure. Capturing the plights of “not being on the same page with someone,” the track enamors with a compelling yearning. “We’re never really on the same page anymore,” the vocals admit, driving to a twangy guitar emphasis past the three-minute turn, meshing beautifully with lush keys and a throbbing bass reflection. “Same Page” is a stellar entry from Di Ivories.

Di Ivories elaborates further on the single:

SAME PAGE spawned out of a random thought while trying to run the set for a show in Brooklyn. I accidentally messed up starting a song-but the chords that followed sounded so charged and pensive, I felt really moved to jam on this with the group for a minute and later that day I got home and finished the song. It really doesn’t have a deeper meaning, the song spells out exactly what it is about. Not being on the same page with someone is a truly painstaking and enduring experience, charged with so much emotion. I wanted to make the drums simple enough so that the mids carry the song steadily in tandem with a charging bassline until the end of the track, when all emotions are poured out into one long hook, are we really ever on the same page?

This and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of July 2023’ Spotify playlist.

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