Madam Bombs – “This Makes Sense”


Channeling a warming ’90s rock nostalgia, “This Makes Sense” is a recent single from Los Angeles-based trio Madam Bombs. Reminding of Wolf Alice’s ability to traverse jangly contemplation and raucous distortion-heavy eruptions alike, “This Makes Sense” features production from Ryan Williams that enjoyably embraces guitarist Clare’s “stadium rock roots.”

“I count the days,” the opening vocals enamor, remarking a realization of missing “half my life,” into an energized blast of distorted guitars and wordless vocal woo-ooh’s. The angsty composure and heavy waves of distortion converge for an authentic, dynamic approach that grips in its transitions from heavy rock anthems and “say something to me,” harmonious, jangly charm. “This Makes Sense” is a blast from Madam Bombs.

More on the track’s inspiration:

“This Makes Sense” was inspired by how bass player + singer Marlowe used to mark an “X” off her calendar each day after school, counting down the days until she would never have to see the people in her high school again. It’s also about how so many things that make sense to a teenager don’t make sense to anyone else, in the same way that going to high school or obeying your parents doesn’t make sense to a teenager. So sometimes you have to just pretend that it makes sense in order to move forward.

This and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of July 2023’ Spotify playlist.

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